1115 N Roosevelt Ave, Burlington, IA 52601 |  (319)-758-0006 |  Maranda.shokai@gmail.com


     Shokai Sushi was created in August 2007 by Kanda and Nikhom Sisomphane. Shokai was created as a way to introduce new sushi to Burlington, IA.  Shokai started out with a very small clientele. They didn't have very many entrees so people thought there was only raw fish, which, to many, was a turn off or fear. However they started to receive attention because of their menu which had been customized for the new customers. Shokai dedicated half of their menu to cooked food to ease people into the idea of sushi. Shokai started to slowly gather clientele by talking to the locals and getting their name out there.

    As of lately Shokai sushi has continually introduced sushi to the people of Burlington. With its delicious western style sushi and warm welcoming atmosphere they make customers feel at home and assure that they never leave hungry. Whether you haven't had sushi, are scared to try it, or even if you love it Shokai will always encourage you to come and join its community.