12oz bottles (unless listed)
Avery Brewing Co. El Gose – 4.5% German Style Sour Ale w/ lime & sea salt 12oz can

Avery Brewing Co. Bug Zapper (limited edition)-  Sour Ale w/ lime zest, ginger & mint - 12oz can

Avery Brewing Co. White Rascal - Belgian Style White Ale w/ curacao orange peel and coriander

Pseudo Sue Pale Ale- 16oz can (Decorah, IA)
Alaskan White- 5.3% Wit Style Ale brewed w/ spices 
Alaskan Husky IPA- 7.0% Mosaic India Pale Ale

Alaskan Amber - 5.3% Alt Style Ale
Ballast Point Sculpin- 7.0% India Pale Ale 

Ballast Point Sculpin Grapefruit- 7.0% India Pale Ale with Grapefruit

Ballast Point Victory at Sea
Fishback & Stephenson Coyote Verde - 16oz can (Green apple cider. Fairfield, Iowa)

Fishback & Stephenson First Crush 16oz can (watermelon cider. Fairfield, Iowa)

Fishback & Stephenson The Iowa Strangler 16oz can (arona berry cider, Fairfield, Iowa)

Made in Japan: Hitachino 11.02oz bottles
Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale- 7.0%   (compared to killian’s red)
Hitachino Nest White Ale- 5.5%  (compared to blue moon, but lighter and a little sweeter)
Hitachino Dai Dai Ale IPA – 6.2%
Hitachino Nest Expresso Stout- 7.0% ​

Hitachino Nest Sweet Stout (24.3oz bottle)
Domestic Bottle Beers
Bud Light    Budweiser   Michelob Ultra     
Import Bottles
Crabbies Ginger Beer (original, orange or raspberry)      Kirin           Kirin Light  
Lucky Buddha 
On Tap              

  Kirin- $6.00 (pint)          Seasonal Drafts - $6.00 (pint)
Fishback & Stephenson The Iowa Strangler or First Crush – pint or 10oz 

Moonstone Plum Sake- bottle  or flask GF
*Nigori Silky Mild (unfiltered) 12oz bottle 
*Gekkeikan Haiku Sake – 10oz bottle  GF
*Gekkeikan Nigori Sake (roughly filtered milky with fruit flavor)- 6oz bottle 
*Gekkeikan Zipang (Sparkling Sake) Regular or Mango Flavors- 8.5oz bottle-  GF
*Hana Fuji Apple- 12.6oz bottle 
*Hana Lychee- 12.6oz bottle 
*Hana Raspberry Sake- 25oz bottle 
*Hana White Peach Sake- 12.6oz bottle 
*Mio Sparkling Sake- 10oz bottle 
*Ty Ku Sake Cucumber Junmai- 11oz bottle 

*Ty Ku Sake Coconut Junmai- 11oz bottle

*Evoluzine Banzai Blueberry Sparkling Sake- 10oz bottle

 *Sakes sold by bottles only            GF – Gluten free per stated on bottle
Sake Flight- Hana flavors in Lychee, Fuji Apple, Raspberry & White Peach (no substitutions)

Sparkling Sake Flight- Evoluzine Blueberry, Mio, Zipang Regular & Mango (no substitutions) 
Sake bomb – kirin and cold sake


Underwood Riesling Radler - 12oz can

Underwood Pinot Noir- 12oz can

Underwood Rose- 12oz can

Underwood Get it Girl- 12oz can

Underwood Pinot Gris- 12oz can

Underwood Rose Bubbles- 12oz can
Underwood Bubbles- 12oz can
Premium Gekkeikan Plum wine 13%- bottle or 10oz flask
Sea Pearl Sauvignon Blanc- bottle only

Wine Cork Fee- $15 per bottle.

We also have a large Martini, Moscow Mule, and Cocktail List!!