Please read all of the following for our Dine In & Carry Out Restrictions at this time. We have new restrictions per Gov. Reynolds.

Face Masks are Required for all Dine In & Carry Out. All ages 3+. This is for the safety of our staff and other customers. 

If you have a Fever, Cough, Runny or Stuffy Nose, Sore Throat, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Shortness of Breath or Have been exposed to someone with Covid-19.


If you become ill or in contact with someone and have visited us. Please let us know immediately as we want to keep our families, staff and customers safe. 

**Take Out Restrictions**

*All carry out orders must be called ahead. If the line is busy they are taking orders. 

*We do not have any seating inside if you are waiting. 

*ONLY 1 PERSON TO COME IN FOR A PICK UP ORDER (unless its your little. We understand. )

‚Äč*Must wear a mask for pick up. 

*No orders via social media, voicemail or emails. 

***Dine In Restrictions***

* You must wear your mask when you enter until you are seated and have your drinks and food. And anytime you get out of your seat. 

*No Reservations. First come, first serve. until further notice. 

*We have limited seating. No bar seating, NO PARTIES larger than 6 people.

*All tables have a 1.5 hr limit.

* NO OUTSIDE Gifts, Wine, Food, Cakes, Drinks etc are to brought in at this time. 

*Please do no go up to the sushi bar and talk to the chefs. They are preparing food. 

*Please stay at your table, not going to other tables to talk. Please keep your children in their seat. we know it can be hard for them. 

Thank you 

Shokai Management