*Shokai Appetizers*
Yorokobi Shrimp – Shrimp filled with cream cheese, dipped and tempered to a golden brown, drizzled with spicy mayo and unagi sauce. Four pieces. $9

​ Shokai Tuna Poke- half avocado with raw cubed fish and mixed in a teriyaki and soy mix with scallions, cilantro, onions, sprouts and topped with fish roe, choice of. $9

Shokai Salmon Poke- half avocado with raw salmon cubes and mixed in a teriyaki and soy mix with scallions, cilantro, onions, sprouts and topped with fish roe. $9

Sushi Pizza Appetizer- tempura nori, rice, tuna-crab mix, cucumber, scallions, sour cream, unagi sauce and spicy mayo. No substitions or changes. $11

Shokai Wings - jumbo lightly battered wings tossed in Shokai's house made wing sauce. 6pcs -$13.50 / 12pcs-$27 (12pcs can have 2 sauces). 

House Made WING Flavors:  Mild, Hot, Korean BBQ, Garlic Parmesan (wet/dry), Lemon Pepper Dry Rub, Shokai Buffalo, Thai Peanut, Mango Jalapeno, Shokai House Dry Rub. 

Shrimp Tempura – Battered shrimp served with a sweet tempura sauce. Four pieces. $8
Vegetable Tempura - Various vegetables battered and served with a sweet tempura sauce. $8
Crab Rangoons- crab, cream cheese and scallions. Served with sweet & sour sauce. 4 per order. $7
Rice Balls- rice balls stuffed with cream cheese and tempura battered. Topped with spicy mayo, unagi & sriracha. $6.75

Egg Rolls – Ground pork, cabbage, bean thread noodles, served with plum sauce. Two per order. $5
Shokai Carpaccio - Thinly sliced tuna or tilapia topped with fresh cilantro and green onions, with a side of ginger, wasabi, and lemon slices. $12
Edamame – Steamed soybean pods, served cold. $6 

Garlic Edamame- steamed soybean pods with butter garlic sauce.$6.50

*Salads and Soups*
Seaweed Salad – Seaweed seasoned with vinegar and sweet sesame oil. $6
Octopus Salad – Octopus marinated in a vinaigrette sauce. $9
Squid Salad- Squid marinated in vinaigrette sauce. $9
Kani Salad – Crab, cucumber, spicy mayo, tempura flakes, and scallions. $7
Miso Soup – Soybean based broth with tofu, scallions, and seaweed. $4

Sliced Fish on top of rice – Two (2) pieces per order
Tuna – Maguro $7         Cooked Shrimp – Ebi $6.25                 Omelet – Tamago $7
             Walu – Albacore $7                  Barbeque Eel – Unagi $9     Yellow Tail Tuna – Hamachi $7.30 OUT      

Flying Fish Roe – Tobiko $7.30            Scallop – Hotate $9
Salmon – Sake $7            Salmon Roe – Ikura $7.30                       

*Specialty Sushi Platters*
Sashimi- Assorted sliced fish on bed of daikon radish. 6 slices $16, 12 slices $30
Shokai Combination- 9 assorted fish, nigiri style, with a choice of tuna or salmon roll. $31
Love Tray- 12 slices of sashimi, 8 pieces of nigiri, cali roll, spicy tuna roll, and philly roll. $59


Extra Sides of House Made Sauces- $1.75 each - Spicy Mayo, Unagi, Basil Sauce, Honey Wasabi, Mild Wing Sauce, Hot Wing Sauce, Habanero Chili Sauce, Plum Sauce, Sweet & Sour Sauce. 
   Extra Meat- $3.50 ea.     Extra veggies- $1 ea.
Extra Avocado- $1.50    Soy Paper- $2 per roll    Extra Fish- $3.50 ea.   Soft Shell Crab- $12 ea. (as appetizer) 

Soft Shell Crab (1/2)- $6.00 ea. (added to roll)     Cream Cheese- $.75 per roll      Roe- $2 per roll

Wasabi- $1 per container      Ginger- $1 per container

Spicy Mayo bottles currently only available at Hy-Vee.

*Cooked Maki Rolls*
Avocado Roll – Avocado and rice. $7.50
Kappa Roll – Cucumber and rice. $7.30
Kani Roll – Crab and rice. $7.30
California Roll – Crab, avocado, cucumber, and sesame seeds. $7.85
Crunchy Cali Roll – California roll with tempura flakes. $7.85
Salmon Tempura - Lightly battered salmon roll with unagi sauce. $7.85
Shrimp Tempura – Fried shrimp and rice. $7.85
Eel Roll – Eel and avocado, unagi sauce. $9.50
Dynamite Roll – California roll topped with cream cheese, roe and scallions. $12
Veggie Roll*- avocado, cucumber, scallions, sprouts, asparagus, cilantro and rice. Vegan. $9

Futomaki Roll* – Avocado, cucumber, tamago, gourd, asparagus, and spinach. $12

B-Bop Roll- double chicken, sliced jalapeno, scallions, bacon infused cream cheese, topped with seared ribeye, spicy mayo, unagi sauce & sriracha. $18

CalifornIA Roll- california roll with chicken and topped with steak, spicy mayo, unagi sauce & scallions. $18

Chimp Roll - Chicken, shrimp, cream cheese topped with spicy mayo, unagi and sriracha. $16

Kickin' Pork & Sea Roll - tempura shrimp, bacon infused cream cheese, cucumber, jalapeno, spicy mayo & unagi sauce. $16
Matzu Roll – Asparagus, shrimp tempura, and mayo, topped with seared beef, spicy mayo and unagi sauce. $16
Dragon Roll – Shrimp tempura roll topped with eel, avocado, and unagi sauce. $16
Lobster Roll* – Cucumber, lettuce mix, cilantro, and scallions, topped with shrimp and crab mix and basil sauce. $16
Gator Roll - Shrimp tempura, cucumber, and cilantro, topped with crispy salmon skin, spicy mayo and unagi sauce. $16
Seared White Roll – Shrimp tempura, cucumber, and cream cheese, topped with seared walu and honey wasabi. $16
Godzilla Roll – Mushrooms and tempura flakes topped with seared rib eye, unagi, spicy and basil sauce. $16
Rock & Roll- Fried shrimp, spicy crab, scallions, avocado, cucumber, topped w/ seared salmon, tuna, spicy mayo, unagi and roe. $19
Cowboy Roll*- Fried shrimp, fried chicken, cream cheese, veggies, scallions, topped with smoked salmon and spicy wing sauce. $16
Spider Roll* – Fried soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado, scallions, masago, and sprouts, with unagi
sauce. $16

Prime Time Roll - mushrooms, scallions, fried chicken and prime rib. topped with spicy Cajun shrimp, unagi and wing sauce. $19
Sumo Roll* – Fried soft-shell crab, fresh veggies, seared beef inside, basil and unagi sauce. $21
*Raw Maki Rolls*
Hamachi Roll – Yellowtail tuna, scallions, unagi sauce, and sesame seeds. $9 
Philly Roll – Salmon, scallions and cream cheese. $9
 Spicy Rolls – Scallions, cucumber and choice of tuna, walu or salmon. $8.25
Salmon Roll – Salmon and rice. $8.25
Tuna Roll - Tuna and rice. $8.25
Walu Roll – walu and rice. $8.25

K-Pop Roll- tuna marinated in Korean BBQ sauce, avocado, scallions and tempura battered and topped with bacon, cream cheese, sour cream and unagi sauce. $16

Inferno Roll- stuffed jalapeno with cream cheese, crab, smoked salmon, tempura battered and topped with spicy mayo and habenero chili sauce.  Very Hot. $18
Pokemon Roll- Tempura salmon, cream cheese, crabstick, scallions and topped with tuna poke. $16

Fire Dragon Roll - Tuna, cucumber, and scallions, topped with tuna, roe and spicy mayo. $16
Snake Roll – Shrimp tempura, avocado, cream cheese and scallions, topped with red tuna and walu, spicy mayo and unagi sauce. $16
Rainbow Roll – Barbeque eel and avocado, topped with assorted sliced fish. $16
Snake in the Grass Roll* - Shrimp tempura, asparagus, and cucumber, topped with tuna, avocado, spicy mayo and unagi sauce. $16
Jungle Fever Roll* - Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, scallions, asparagus, and fried sweet potato inside, topped with smoked salmon, avocado, and unagi sauce. $16
Great White Roll – Shrimp tempura, seaweed salad, scallions, cucumber and cream cheese, topped with walu, honey wasabi and unagi sauce. $16
Tiger Roll - Shrimp tempura and cream cheese, topped with eel, salmon, spicy mayo and unagi sauce. $16
Shokai Firehouse Roll - Crab and cream cheese roll lightly battered and topped with spicy tuna mix. $16
Kamikaji Roll - Shrimp tempura, cucumber, and mayo topped with a mix of seasoned yellow tail tuna, cilantro, scallions and habanero chili sauce. Very Hot. $16

****Please be sure to let us know when you order if you need any of our extra house made sauces. They are of extra charge. Our Spicy Mayo is now only sold by bottle only (no sides) . ****

* rolls may contain seasonal veggies we have on hand.
Specialty Rolls are $16 and up

Any rolls you create or not on our menu are $16.25 and up. 

All prices are subject to change without notice. 

​All sauces are house made & created by Kanda.