New Drinks​

No refills, 12oz

Iced Coffee- Cafe Du Monde Coffee & sweet cream.

(Can be poured over ice, is already served cold.) $8 each

Boba's $6 each

Bursting Boba Pearls- contains real fruit juice, smaller than regular boba pearls. Made from tapioca and dairy free. They pop a little in your mouth.

Flavors in Lychee, Mango & Strawberry.

Regular Boba's- contains black boba pearls made from tapioca. These are not Gluten Free (contains caramel), mix is dairy free. 

Flavors in Green Tea, Horchata, Taro & Thai Tea

No changes or substitutions. Pearls will come in a separate container then the drink for you to add. Cups shown with seal is how they come.